Cricket Game Wishlist: 3 Features We Want to See

Scroll through this article and find out which particular features can help cricket games raise the bar to the next level. Cricket Game Wishlist: 3 Features We Want to See large

One of the oldest and, quite honestly, one of the most loved and followed sport in the world is cricket. The sport is being played for centuries and since gaining massive following in the past 3 or 4 decades, the game has raised its global appeal even more. With popularity, came the idea of cricket games and we’ve seen many different masterpieces in the last few years. From visuals to the gameplay, each game has impressed the audience on one or the other front but despite the variety of cricket games that we’ve seen, there isnt quite a game that can be deemed as “Perfect”. Every cricket game starts to feel the same after a certain time so, today in this article, we’ll be discussing the features that can be added to raise the bar of cricket games.

1. Addition of Cricket Leagues

We’ve seen the rise of club football in the past 50 or 60 years and how it has raised the sport to a whole new level. To do the same for cricket, higher authorities brought the league system to cricket and to be fair, it became an instant success because players got to play together in club teams and fans were delighted. Cricket games are still focusing on the same formats like ODI, T20, and, Test matches. To make their games more appealing and enjoyable, they should add all the leagues and club teams from around the world. From Indian and Pakistani, to Australian and English club teams, each of them should be added to the games and there should be every league in the game.

The addition of these club teams and their respective leagues would make the cricketing audience really happy as they’ll have something new to look forward to and it’ll offer a fresh change of pace from the usual formats and the repetitive gameplay.

2. Decision Review System

The name pretty much explains what a DRS is. The decision review system was an excellent addition to the cricket as it gave umpires more room and flexibility, along with some benefit of a doubt to the players. The addition of this particular system in the games would make the matches really thrilling. The players, just like in real cricket, would have 2 reviews and they can use them to review a decision during the decisive moments of the match.

3. Career Mode

Gamers are no strangers to the success and popularity of career mode in football and other games. The addition of a career mode would really make cricket games loveable again because, instead of following the same pattern of playing test or ODI cricket, players would have the chance to start their own journey and rise to the top. Adding realism to the game would really benefit cricket games and a career mode can really help.

All things considered, there’s always room for improvement if you want to provide users with the best possible experience. Cricket games are really fun to play but if there were some features to be added in a so called Perfect cricket game, the ones mentioned above would really make these games enjoyable.