We Need More Extreme Sports Video Games

There are different kinds of extreme sports, and all of them are pretty entertaining. And yes, we need more video game versions. We Need More Extreme Sports Video Games large

When extreme sports go live on TV, friends and family usually gather around to enjoy the spectacle. From gigantic machines crushing cars to agile skaters defying gravity and athletes pushing the limits of human endurance, they’re pretty interesting. They involve a high degree of risk, and people engaging in them may end up with severe injuries if they make a mistake. Many of these extreme sports include Motocross, Paragliding, skateboarding, and rock climbing.

They’re not for the untrained to engage in. Even if you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you’re better off playing Coonster: Motocross - Ultimate Stunt Racer instead of heading to the nearest track and jumping over ramps. With this in mind, we need more of these kinds of games, given the following reasons:

Extreme sports have a massive audience

Not only do extreme sports have large numbers of people engaging in them, but they also have a massive audience. This isn’t a surprise, considering it’s always fascinating to see fellow human beings push themselves to the limit, even putting themselves in mortal danger.

With that in mind, having more video games that let gamers experience this would allow a wider population pool to feel what these sports have to offer. For example, we long for the day we’ll get to see a VR paragliding game, as well as one where you can ride a hang glider or venture into the air on a wingsuit. Plus, games, where you surf the waves and perform stunts in the sea, will undoubtedly have many players.

Fun and quirky gameplay mechanics

Extreme sports sway from traditional sports in a way that although there are fixed rules and practices, those who engage in them have free rein. When translated to a video game, players will definitely engage in something unique and, at the same time, unrestrictive. For example, studios can create a wingsuit racing game where players have to traverse through a canyon. It doesn’t have to be fully faithful or realistic: it just has to be extremely fun, like the games by Coonster.

There aren’t a lot of them

Excluding skateboard games, there aren’t a lot of extreme sports titles, especially those that involve the air and sea. With that said, we definitely need more of those types of games, and they can even follow the route of traditional sports games by simply creating a career or managerial path. Moreover, they don’t have to be a triple-A title on consoles. They can just be small-scale indie projects on mobile, and they can even only have casual mechanics to appeal to a larger smartphone-playing audience.

Overall, there is a dire need for more extreme sports in the game industry. Due to a massive audience, they can become large cash cows, and there’s a lot of room for how developers can design them. They don’t have to be super accurate or realistic: they just have to be fun.

So, do you agree with us in saying that we need more video games featuring extreme sports? What do you think?